The electric flame is both wind and waterproof which means that the lighter works well in all weather. In other words, it is stormproof.


Our lighters do not use any butane gas, and they will not end up on landfills in the same numbers as most plastic lighters do.

  USB Powered

J. Wolfgang Eld17 runs on battery, and it is also USB-powered, rechargeable through any USB-port. Charging time is around 50 minutes, and a full charge will give you approximately 100 flames.


Our lighters are very price worthy when compared with a standard lighter. The lighting capacity of the Eld17 is approximately 100 times that of a standard lighter.

J. Wolfgang – Eld17

J. Wolfgang

Elegant design, cutting edge, and a grand vision.

About Us

The lighter industry has remained largely unchanged for decades. Zippo, Bic and a handful of other companies have dominated the landscape since the 60’s. Disposable lighters are an industry standard, and considering the cheap price of such lighters one might ask if there is truly a need for change?